When you choose to work with Andrew Stevens Construction for your build, you can be assured that the process will involve clear and honest communication and leave you with no unpleasant surprises. You will become part of a great team that values a seamless process to deliver you a top quality, bespoke product.

Andrew has chosen to remain a small boutique builder so that he can maintain excellent communication with his clients and consistent onsite supervision of all his jobs. His trades people are handpicked for their work ethic and high quality craftsmanship. After an initial conversation, our process generally works in the following format.

Meet On Site

We will meet at the site for your build and discuss the various options based on your time frame, budget, style and size needs. We will integrate your specifications with the size, elevation and orientation of the block.

In some cases, clients have come to Andrew before the purchase of their site to be sure the space is optimal for their needs.

Initial Design Meeting

After the initial site visit, Andrew will organize a meeting with Leon Spiccia our in-house designer. As team, Andrew, Leon and you, the client, will discuss the concept for your home. This begins the collaboration process to really develop the unique design of your space.

Initial Design Concepts

From that meeting, Andrew and his design team will then work on the Initial concept drawings for your approval.

Planning Drawings

Once everyone is happy with the concept, we will create the planning drawings to prepare for council approval.


Andrew will provide you with an estimate on costing at this stage.

Council Approval

The plans will be submitted to Council for planning approval

Design Development

Next, we will bring in one of our interior designers that is best suited to your style and needs. As every client is different we use a range of designers, or you may choose a designer you are already familiar with. As a team, we will work through the conceptual design through to planning the interior finishes of your home.

Building Permits

We then create the Working Drawings for the building license. These are full working drawings supported by engineering details, energy assessments and other technical documentations and interiors.

Costings and Contract

At this stage, with the further development of plans we may adjust the costings if needed.

We usually operate on a cost plus contract. Using this method affords the client flexibility, with regards to changing items such as finishing’s, without incurring variation costs. In using a cost plus contract, it is imperative the estimate is both detailed and accurate, so as the final price matches the cost estimate.


The job begins.

Throughout the construction process we will continue to meet at your convenience so you are fully informed on the development and progress of your home.
Andrew is regularly onsite with consistent and excellent communication to the suppliers and trades people. He ensures things move according to your timeline and that the quality of the craftsmanship is always at a high standard.