Frequently Asked Questions

The Design Process takes around 3 months.

Planning Approvals Process takes about 3-6 months.

The Building Process can usually completes in 9-12 months – Depending on the job complexity and size, a million dollar family home would take in the region of 1 year to build and complete.

We use standard MBA residential building contracts, in either fixed contract or cost plus.

Fixed price contracts are normally used in the new build scenario. A Fixed price contract is a based on a set price based on a fixed specification.

Cost plus contracts are often used for both new builds, renovations and restorations. A cost plus contract is based on the actual cost of the job, with a builders working margin added to the final cost.

Drawing on many years of practical experience, and working closely with our estimator for over a decade, we able to provide clients with a very detailed and accurate costing on each individual section of the job. Historically our final bill prices are within a few percent of the original cost estimate.

By working closely with our team of designers, we don’t have big egos, we listen carefully to the client wants and needs, and most importantly we are partners with you in the whole process. We interpret your requirements using our wealth of experience to produce a set of initial design concepts. Our approach is an iterative one, where the client is encouraged to feedback at all stages of the design process.

As part of the design process, it is common for the owners to supply items such as, light fittings, appliances, soft furnishings. This helps bring the owner and our team closer together and build a strong working relationship.

Generally around $2000 – $2500 per square metre.